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Is the Internet outdated?

Posted by the markITeer on October 3, 2007

Larry RobertsTwo days after the Internet TV platform Joost went public, The Wall Street Journal publishes an article on two of the Internet’s pioneers, calling the technology powering the Internet ‘outdated’. 69 Year old Larry Roberts, project owner of ARPAnet (which was the very first version of the Internet), and Len Bosack, 55 and founder of the networking giant CISCO are both looking for a solution.

The Internet wasn’t designed for people to watch television. I know because I designed it.” Dixit Mr. Roberts.

It’s a simple fact that much of the building blocks of the present-day Internet are pretty close to retirement indeed. Think for instance email : the protocol used for sending email (the SMTP protocol) still dates from the very early days of the Internet and was never designed to support sending zillions of emails every day. As was it never designed to support authentication … which is the real problem in fighting spam. But also IP addresses are running out, resulting in a difficult roll-out of a new IP address format (known as IPv6) and access lines get clogged by the massive amounts of data resulting in Google hiring a submarine cable negotiator.

And why not -in the process of redesigning- try to lower the energy consumption of the Internet?

Let’s hope mr. Roberts and mr. Bosack can work their magic once again…

Read the full Wall Street Journal article


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