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what’s on a web’s mind?

Posted by the markITeer on July 10, 2007

In one of the first posts on this blog, I tried to unravel the web 2.0. Today I’d like to take this idea a couple of steps further by presenting you a mindmap of web 2.0 related terms, technologies and examples in an attempt to guide you through the maze that is web 2.0.

Don’t think of this as a complete, finished, never-to-be-changed sort of thing. This is merely a first draft which I’m hoping to improve and extend using your input.

So please feel free to comment by using the form below!

Ready to dive in? Then hold your breath and jump.

A little legend to get you started :

P.S. The map was created using a nice online tool called Mindomo. It’s a great example of a Rich Internet Application (R.I.A.) build using Flex (the programmer’s equivalent of Flash).


One Response to “what’s on a web’s mind?”

  1. so web 2.0 is just social media ? still alittle bit confused

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