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The Future of Communications – A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing

Posted by the markITeer on June 26, 2007

Social media is everywhere. Websites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and numerous blogging platforms attract millions of visitors from all over the world. Visitors that are not just passing by to see what’s going on, but are willing to participate in discussions, upload content and make themselves heard. Web 2.0 has given a clear voice to the people. People who might well be your customers. Or your customers-to-be. That’s why it’s important for companies and marketers to connect to social media and lay out an integrated communications strategy not based on the old monologue, but on dialog.

Brian Solis of FutureWorks PR put together a manifesto for integrating social media into marketing. He emphasizes the importance of not only diving in, but -more important- of making the mental shift. Find your audience, find the influencers, listen to them, get involved.

A few quotes:

“It’s an understanding that social media is about sociology and less about technology. It’s a mashup of new and traditional media that spans across advertising, PR, customer service, marcom, sales, and community relations.”

“The key point here is that Social Media has yet to reveal its true impact. While many are defining its future, the majority of people around the world have yet to embrace it and participate. This means that it’s only going to become more pervasive and as such, become a critical factor in the success or failure of any business.”

“Listening is marketing.
Participation is marketing.
Media is marketing.
Conversations are marketing.
Comments are marketing.”

“Everything we’re integrating into the marketing mix is aimed at sparking and cultivating not only conversations, but relationships. It’s humanizing companies and their products and services so that they matter to people.”

“In order to reach people, we have to figure out who they are and where they go for information. In the process, you’ll quickly discover that there is no magic bullet for reaching everyone – all at once”

“Remember, the future of communications introduces sociology into the marketing strategy. The technology is just that, technology. The tools will change. The networks will evolve. Mediums for distributing content will grow.”

“By listening, reading, and participating, corporate marketing will be smarter and more approachable than ever before. This is how we humanize brands, create loyalty, and earn customer’s business.”

You can read the full manifesto here and here.


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