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Getting Real

Posted by the markITeer on June 14, 2007

Getting RealNow here’s a must read: ‘Getting Real’ by 37signals. 37signals is the company behind the Web 2.0 application classic ‘Basecamp‘ and the Ruby-on-Rails development framework. And although the subtitle says that it’s about ‘the smarter, faster, easier way to build a succesful web application’, it’s about a lot more…

‘Getting Real’ is really a book on how to cope with ever-changing demand and on how to keep up with (and get ahead of) competition. It’s about how to survive in a fast-moving world and how to take full advantage of the present-day possibilities of the Internet when creating a presence on the web.

In two words, ‘Getting Real’ promotes being lean and agile: small teams, no more months of writing functional specifications, no more useless meetings, limited functionalities, focusing on what matters, … It’s formatted as a series of essays bundled into chapters covering the whole process from idea to support and post-launch. Very well written, very easy to understand.

Check it out at You can read it for free online, or you can buy a copy ($19 for the PDF version, $29 for the paperback).

Not convinced? This is what marketing guru Seth Godin has to say about it:
Every once in a while, a book comes out of left field that changes just about everything. This is one of those books. Ignore it at your peril.


One Response to “Getting Real”

  1. An interesting interview with the people from 37Sginals was published in Time Magazine some time ago. I especially like this statement: “Kill all your meetings; they waste employees’ time. Interruption is the biggest enemy of productivity”. You can read the article on,9171,1622565,00.html

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