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Posted by the markITeer on May 24, 2007

ZamzarJust discovered a nice little tool on the net : Zamzar.
Via the website, you can automatically convert files from one type into another. Eg. from MS Word into PDF, from GIF into JPG, … You can even convert any YouTube movie into a downloadable video format! How about that! Just follow the 4 simple step, wait a little and you receive an email with a link to the converted file.

This kind of applications you can use over the Internet, without having to download or install anything, are in web 2.0 terms described as ‘Software as a Service’, short : SaaS. Typically, users don’t pay for owning the software (because they don’t 🙂 ), but for using it. But no worries : in the case of Zamzar, it’s totally free!

And if the whole SaaS story sounds vaguely familiar: yes, it is indeed exactly the same as the old Application Service Provider (or: ASP) model. The old sheep just got a new fur…


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